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Generate additional revenue streams and collect market intelligence

Develop your own gaming app and promote your brand through mobile application technology. Increase your customer engagement strategy with powerful mobile communication features for mobile and tablet devices.

Mobile Games

• Monetise the games with different ad formats, including text, banner and video ads. We make the ads work across all devices – be it your smartphone, tablet device or desktop computers.

• By leveraging HTML5 technology, our games function on 100% of smartphone, tablets and desktop devices, ensuring a seamless gaming experience.

Mobile Games

• Our games portal can be deployed in any environment. It can be hosted as a standalone website, packaged as a native app, or served within OEM devices. We can literally serve any medium you can think of.

• Our games are developed in-house, and also co-developed with talented game developers from all around the world. This ensures only the highest quality games rise to the top.

Power Interface

Fully managed, fully hosted game portal solution.

High Quality Apps

A wide variety of premium games in our database, consistently updated.


Games that work on smartphones, tablets and desktop PCs. 

Gererate Income

Multiple revenue streams to improve your bottom line.

Are your ready to gamify your business model?

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