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From an idea to a global brand...

I founded our first publication, Start Your Business, in 2004. The idea actually came about during a discussion with key policy drivers for enterprise support in the UK. Back then I was the programme Director for a European Social Fund initiative aimed at tackling key issues for regeneration in deprived areas. We assisted thousands of businesses to sustain themselves during the key early stages of development. I was also working as a policy adviser to the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, developing effective methods to reach disadvantaged communities and assist them with training to eventually start up and run there own business. I realised that self-employment was more than just a career choice or indeed a vehicle to make money, it was a dream, a lifestyle aspiration, a life goal…

There was only so much that could be done through traditional forms of outreach and localised marketing techniques. The internet was in it’s early stages, (yes it was that long ago!) and there was a lack of comprehensive resources available to anyone looking top start up a business. The inspiration behind Start Your Business was to create a regular, easy to digest source of information that not only provided news, but also inspire people. It’s been over 15 years later now and we remain as ambitious as our readers. We’ve launched a satellite TV channel, opened offices across the globe, developed our publishing portfolio, invested in new media areas including Radio and digital apps, and we still remain as ambitious as our followers! It’s been quite the journey and we hope to continue to inspire our audience by continual investment in new platforms and media channels. 

With our new venture accelerator programme we have invested in new businesses that share our goals.

We are grateful to all of our sponsors, advertisers and readers, without you all we would not have been able to remain one of the leading independent publishers…

With Thanks

Zia Mallick

CEO & Founder 

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